Developing an iPhone App using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhoneGap - From Concept to App Store

1 August 2011, Danny Connell

Speed Distance Time CalculatorHi. I'm a front-end web designer/developer by trade. When I first heard that I could develop iPhone apps using my existing skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), I couldn't wait to get stuck in. Having just got my first app, Speed Distance Time Calculator into the App Store, I thought I'd share an overview of my journey, right from coming up with a concept, through to going live in the App Store.

I feel this sort of overview would've been very helpful to me before I started.

I'll discuss the technologies and resources I used to build a web-app, how I converted the web-app into a native app, submission to iTunes and many of the stumbling blocks and realisations I had along the way.

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