Notepad++ Color Scheme for Sublime Text 2

2 August 2012, Danny Connell

After several years of editing my HTML, PHP, JS, CSS (and every other type of) files with the fantastic Notepad++, I recently switched to (the even more fantastic) Sublime Text 2. I will be writing a detailed article on my reasons for the switch soon. In the meantime, this color scheme might help you take the jump too.

Although there are many things I love about Sublime Text 2, one thing I couldn't get cosy with was the built-in (syntax highlighting) color schemes. I missed the color scheme from Notepad++, so decided to rebuild the theme for Sublime Text 2.

The following images show the same file open in Notepad++ and Sublime Text 2 (with the Notepad++ theme). There are a few subtle differences as you can see, but I'd say it's pretty darn close and you'll barely notice the difference (at least for HTML, JS, CSS editing anyway).



Sublime Text 2 - with Notepad++ Color Sheme

Sublime Text 2 - with Notepad++ Color Sheme

The color scheme is based on this color scheme from jQuery 4u.

This was a good start (thanks Sam!), but had many color differences from the default Notepad++ scheme, which I've (hopefully) fixed!

Installation (for Windows Vista/7):

  • Save the Notepad++ Color Scheme for Sublime Text 2 (.tmTheme file) to the following folder:
    C:Users[your username]AppDataRoamingSublime Text 2PackagesColor Scheme - Default
  • In Sublime, choose from the menu Preferences > Color Scheme > Notepad++
  • To seal the deal, go to Preferences > Settings - User.
  • Add the following lines before the last bracket in the file and save:
    "font_face": "Courier New",
    "highlight_line": true,
    "line_padding_bottom": 1,
    "line_padding_top": 1

Shout up if you find any glaring problems with the color scheme that you want me to fix.


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